Nowaday we have furnace,oven and heat treatment production with near 100 staffs with out great partner ATRA industrial group. For more information you can visit ATRA website

Warehouse services

In addition to production we can offer warehouse space to new clients. We have more than 10,000 sqm space to store goods, and even warehouse services. In addition we have more than 60,000 sqm land which is possible to store outdoor and can handle high range of truck traffic.


As each country has its own rules and Bureaucracy, during our presence in Iran we developed our network in Iran. Approximately we have a comprehensive knowledge from A to Z , how to start a successful business in Iran. We can consult how to set up a business as a foreigner in Iran.


We have good years of trading to and from Iran. We also know how to import,and good connection with customs in Qazvin city. We also have capability to help your potential clients for money transfer and financial services

Law firm

We also opened a law firm lays on a powerful young team of lawyers. Ready for consulting, court cases, JV contracts, VC contracts , ....